Our Services

Our services

Guarding Services


  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Process Assessment
  • Security Process Improvement Projects

Physical Security

  • Static and Mobile Guarding
  • Executive Protection
  • Surveillance
  • In Store Loss Prevention
  • Crisis Management
  • Airport Screening
  • Exhibitions & Special Events

Pre Employment Screening

  • Police Verification
  • Previous Employment records
  • Reference checks
  • Academic Background checks


  • Done through direct advertisement
  • Recruitment drives
  • Zila Sanik Boards
  • Regimental Centers
  • References
  • Walkins at our recruitment office
  • Stringent physical. education and mental standards
  • Thorough verification of antecedents


  • 20 day schedule at our Training School
  • Intensive training programme to include classroom and field training
  • 100 hours of classroom training
  • 60 hours of field training
  • On the job/ at site training/ SOP mapping
  • Inculcation of client feedback


  • Familiarization with company sites. personnel, information
  • Duties at posts, frisking, search procedures, entry / exit procedures
  • Conduct towards customers, visitors, vendors, VIPS, employee, house keeping
  • Staff, courtesy and salutations etc
  • Documentation at various posts
  • Duty in parallel-day and night shifts,VIP/ clients visit procedure
  • Written test & Induction
  • Based on performance in the test and suitability-the successful candidates are placed appropriately

Cash Handling

  • Armoured car services
  • Supply of security devices
  • Cash and coin processing

House Keeping Service

Basic House Keeping

  • High standards of cleanliness & hygiene
  • Systematic approach
  • Accurate assessment & planning
  • Remove wastage
  • Sub optimal usage of man power
  • Abreast with all technological advancements
  • Best possible solutions.

Office Furniture

  • Dusting of all office furnitur
  • Spot removing from table tops/ laminated parutions
  • Cleaning of waste papers basket
  • Disinfecting of telephones
  • Dusting of PCs, Fax machines and Photocopieres
  • Cleaning of glass panes from inside
  • Dusting and cleaning of all doormats

Hard Floors-Granite, Marble etc.

  • Cleaning of hard floors with soft padded duct controlled mops
  • Cleaning of hard floors with wet mops and mild detergents
  • Disinfectin of hard floors before office hours

Vertical Areas / walls

  • Painted walls-Dusting with feather dusters of soft cloth
  • Ceramic tiles-Cleaning with mild detergent solutions
  • Special attention to cleaning of grouting areas of tiles
  • Dusting and Cleaning of Skirting
  • Cleaning and dusting of partitions
  • Dusting of glasses and doors


  • Scrubbing of WCs with toiler bowl cleaners
  • Disinfecting of washrooms
  • wet mopping of floors and tiled walls
  • Scrub cleaning of wash basins
  • Replenishing of toiletries
  • Dusting of hand dryers Weekly

Weekly Spring Cleaning Schedule

  • Mechanical scrubbing / Shampoo / Waxing of floor
  • Cleaning of window glasses from outside
  • Cleaning of electrical fixtures
  • Cleaning of exhaust fans, louvers and grills
  • Cleaning of painted surfaces with soap
  • Polishing of brass and chrome fixures
  • Scrubbing of all galzed tiles in pantry and toilets
  • Suction cleaning of corners, ledges etc.
  • High dusting (above eye level)
  • Vacuum cleaning of upholstered chairs.

Temporary Staffing

Institutional Sector Solutions

  • Temping
  • Indentify and recruit basis our clients requirements
  • Pay-rolling
  • Pre-identified candidates of the client onto our roles
  • Profiles Example-Receptionists, Secretary, HR / Finance / Accounts / Logistics / Sales executives etc

Manufacturing Sector Solutions

  • Caters to the blue collar segment Example : operators, loaders packers and various trades
  • Shortlist candidates through a very structured induction programmed
  • The skill sets & technical know-how mapped with the clients' requirements
  • Manage the HR, Administrative, Payroll activities.

Bajiya Investigation


  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Asset Tracing and Analysis
  • Fraud Detection
  • Background Checks
  • Insurance Investigations Litigation Support
  • Undercover Operations
  • Business Development & Consultancy
  • Monitoring & Surveillance Services
  • Provision of Advisory & Travel Programs
  • Other Customized Services